Virus Detection & Removal

Are there excessive pop-ups and unwanted ads on your screen? Your computer may be infected by a virus! Contact us and we’ll scan your device for any Virus, Spyware, and Malware, and help you install software to protect you from invaders.


Networking Setup

Do you need help setting up a new network? Is your internet speed slow or constantly dropping? Can’t figure out how to create a HotSpot? In this age of technology, you’re going to need dependable WiFi. We’ll help you build a better, more reliable network no matter your internet provider, and make sure it is backed up with network security.

Data Recovery

We all have important files stored in our hard drives from wedding photos to financial documents. We would hate to think that they could disappear, just like that. If you find yourself looking for some files that you can’t seem to find, contact us today. We’ll perform a recovery process to find and restore missing data. Afterwards we’ll help you set up a backup of your data so it will never go missing again.


Smart Home Devices & Home Automation

Do you need help installing or running your smart devices? Call us today, and we can make sure your devices are all in sync and communicating properly with one another


TV & Home Theater Installation

With a new TV and sound system there tends to be a lot of confusing wiring and connection. We can setup,  organize, and  label connection for ease of understanding.

Wall mounting? NO Problem!!

Technology Relocation

Moving? We can help! We provide careful and diligent removal of your valuable hardware, ie. Computer, TVs, and more. Worry free moving with technical experts.  

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